STAXX is a creative social market which provides a low cost and low risk business opportunity for local food, drink, arts and retail concepts. Our space serves as a social hub for the city and offers a local alternative to shopping centres dominated by national chains. We’re here to support the little guys with the big ideas!

The Build

Our design concept utilises repurposed former shipping containers to create a multi-level community market complex. This design is both creative and innovative – just like the people in our STAXX community. 

Our house

STAXX is a first home for young and start-up businesses, offering a secure and affordable city centre location from which to launch or grow the business of their dreams. A variety of creative local businesses will call STAXX home, including:

  • Street food
  • Street drinks
  • Arts / design
  • Fashion

Our market is exclusively for independent businesses that stand together as one and see it as their duty to bring prosperity to the city of Aberdeen through enterprise.



STAXX is a social hub. A bustling marketplace for family or colleagues at any time of the day to enjoy the best of the north east. A place to meet friends by day and a vibrant rooftop bar by night.


Throughout the design process we have strived to make STAXX a sustainable complex, run on clean energy and with a strong focus on being as close to zero waste as possible. All of the businesses chosen to be part of our STAXX community must be able to demonstrate their commitment to green business practices during the application process.