The STAXX Build

THE BUILD – We will create individually bespoke units that stack to complete a modular facility through refitting & repurposing shipping containers. Building an innovative and functional facility, that will house entrepreneurial start-up businesses.


  • Sustainability
  • Strong modular supply-chain links
  • Expert design, considering the structure and all health and safety
  • Aberdeen’s heritage and the city’s overall aesthetics used in final design

The Experience

STAXX is a first home for young and start-up businesses, offering a secure and affordable city centre location from which to launch or grow the business of their dreams. A variety of creative local businesses will call STAXX home, including:

  • Street food
  • Street drinks
  • Arts / design
  • Fashion

Our market is exclusively for independent businesses that stand together as one and see it as their duty to bring prosperity to the city of Aberdeen through enterprise.