Michael Robertson and Dugbatey Teye came home to Aberdeen and developed the concept for STAXX after a year away living and working in London. Having visited David Griffiths whilst he was working within Aberdeen Indoor Market trying to rejuvenate the old space, the pair realised how critical a social, creative market space was to the city and invited David on board to complete a team fully eqipped to bring this project to fruition.



An Aberdonian lad helping to bring something creative, diverse and positive to the city. Key factors influenced Michael in the development of the STAXX concept, none more so than the Aberdeen market being demolished. With limited space for start-ups in the city centre already, the market being taken away will only deepen that void.
Having lived in London throughout 2019 and seeing first-hand the positive effects street markets have on communities, businesses and the social aspect the idea was born. Bringing the idea to a reality Michael is calling on his knowledge in construction, engineering and design as well as his commercial management and business development background, he will oversee the delivery of STAXX to the people of Aberdeen.



As co-founder of award-winning café AVO, formerly housed inside Aberdeen indoor Market, Dave has worked tirelessly over the past year and a half to regenerate the old market and shown its potential as a local food, drinks and retail hub.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, planning consent was approved to demolish the market and turn it in to a high-rise office complex, along with the operating company subsequently falling into administration shortly after. Aberdeen Indoor Market hasn’t been able to weather the storm, but despite all of the challenges Dave was able to, in a short space of time, generate enough support to show that this project is vital to the local economic prosperity of Aberdeen.
With a background spanning 14 years in restaurant management, business development, social media management, marketing and graphic design – Dave will oversee the operational development and marketing of STAXX.



Driven by a passion to see young individuals thrive, Dugbatey has an outstanding creative business approach. Aberdeen being his home from home & noticing the need for a social space like STAXX has driven him and his fellow co-founders to establish and bring this dream to reality!
“I am so excited to see this progress – I am confident and excited about bringing this new community together. We have the right vision, drive and team to pull this off.”

As a communications Director, Dugbatey will emerge new trends as well as propose and develop new partnerships within the community.